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When first told by Actor’s Equity that there was no real interest in theatre in Anaheim, co-founders Mark Torreso and Glenn Kelman rightly ignored that pronouncement and created the Gallery Theatre.  And though only in its 6th year, The Gallery Theatre has become one of the preeminent small theatres in Anaheim.

In its modest lifetime, The Gallery has produced over 30 productions in all theatre genres.  Shakespeare, musicals, well-known comedies and dramas, original shows have all trod upon the boards at the Gallery, and because not all actors are not in their twenties, a Gallery season always includes one play for their “Senior Series,” to remind audiences that theatre is defined not by years, but by talent.

What makes the Gallery Theatre so special to the community is that it is also a place of learning. Acting, directing, writing, set and light design, costuming, stage-managing are not skills that anyone is born with.  Acting students of all stripes take classes at The Gallery and have been given their first chances to perform in front of a real audience.  Budding writers, directors, set designers, and stage managers have also cut their teeth there.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Gallery Theatre took place in 2009 when P.A.C.T. – Professional Artists For Community Theatre, was created with the purpose of supporting the community with educational and entertainment opportunities for seniors, students, and local artists.  P.A.C.T. gives leaders from the professional arts and entertainment industry a place where they can give back to the community and nurture new talent.

So if there’s one thing for sure, passion for the arts, and the community is alive and well at the Gallery Theatre.

Mark Torreso – Originally from the east coast, Mark attended the High School for Performing Arts and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC.  After completing a two year internship at the Circle Repertory Theater, he became the house director for The Connecticut Acting Ensemble, directing 30 shows in six seasons.

Mark moved to CA in 1991, performing and directing in numerous venues.  In 1995 he won a DramaLogue award for his acting in Marathons.  Currently Mark works as a consultant for Disney Entertainment Productions as well as teaching, producing, directing, and running the Gallery Theatre.

Glenn Kelman – With a BFA in Acting, Glenn began his professional career with The Shadow Box Theater in NYC.  In CA he has directed dozens of world premier plays and musicals including, Tight Quarters, Bite!, I Think I Killed My Wife, Till Death Or Whatever Do Us Part and In A Yellow Wood

Glenn works as a fulltime Show Director with Disney Entertainment Productions – which he believes is the best job in the world.  Of course... if the Gallery Theater could afford to pay him a salary...well, you never know!

Creating theater inspired by the needs of the community.