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Chris DeCarlo has been performing since the age of four, and teaching and directing for over forty years.  He is co-founder of the Santa Monica Playhouse Education Conservatory, Actors’ Repertory Theatre, the Young Professionals’ Company, the American Cultural Youth Ambassadors, the Diversity-in-Education Program, the Schools Theatre Excursion Project and the American Cultural Youth Ambassadors.  His innovative methods of utilizing theatre as a tool for cross-cultural and cross-curricular education, developed over 30 years through work with more than 10,000 students, are renowned internationally. 

He has directed and performed in more than 600 productions, and has been Co-Artistic Director of Santa Monica Playhouse since 1973.  In addition to his work at the Playhouse he teaches in the public and private school systems, and has developed theatre programs for local schools: SMASH, Edison, P.S. 1, John Muir and John Adams, as well for Model Language Studio (Tokyo), Playbox Theatre (Warwick, England), South Island School (Hong Kong), the Henry Street Settlement Theatre (New York), the Northridge Play Project and The Muse Machine (Ohio).  Awarded a Bronze Star for his film work with U.S. Army, he studied with Agnes Bernelle at The Project in Ireland, the Lee Strasberg Institute, Belgian director-producer Ted Roter, and British West End director Marianne Mcnaughten.  He was a member of the Santa Monica Arts Commission for over nine years. 

Chris and his partner, Playhouse co-artistic director Evelyn Rudie, are proud to have ushered Santa Monica Playhouse into its 50th year of continuous theatrical and educational services to the community. 

His next directing project will be the premiere of Todd Sussman's Locked and Loaded on the Main Stage at Santa Monica Playhouse opening October 2010.